Guest article provided by Tiffany Rachel

Have you recently thought to yourself, “I wish I had some portraits of my family/friends/dog/myself…), I really need to make time for that,” then weeks will go by with normal day to day routine? And your former thought of photography is now a low priority on the task list. 



With today being what it is, now is actually the perfect time to book your portraits. Time is more freed up and prices are lower than ever. 



Tiffany Rachel has been delivering the highest quality portraits to South Florida for the past 20 years. Her way of focusing on people one on one and engaging large crowds is a natural talent of hers. Photographs are just a small part of photography. What really matters is relationships and giving a legacy to people they and future generations will cherish fondly.



Want her to use your new iPhone for your pictures and get them instantly? She’s totally down for that, too! A good photograph isn’t 100% about all the technical stuff (but sure that certainly helps!). It’s about having an eye for your subject’s best angles, making people feel comfortable, helping them feel like themselves at their best, and creating a super enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Let’s face it, no matter how technically perfect an image is (perfect lighting, hair just right, sharp…), if you look back at the photos and remember a bad experience, you won’t even remember how well the photo looked. You’ll only remember how you felt every time those photos come up!



Tiffany Rachel creates close bonds with each of her clients, both in the short and long run; many clients are loyal since the beginning of her career. The reason people come back is because she takes the time to really understand her clients’ objectives from the very beginning, makes sure to execute them by checking in with the client while working, and managing expectations of the final result up front!

The goal is that you receive a better version of what you had originally expected and are super excited to receive it!


All walks of life

Tiffany Rachel has photographed a vast breadth of clientele, from Britain’s Next Top Model winner Lauren McAvoy and aspiring Victoria’s Secret and Garnier model Deborah Mace, to commercial work for KFC and Miami Subs Grill, to numerous magazine covers with large readership, successful doctors and lawyers, to babies just hours old.



In tandem with photography, Tiffany Rachel also offers graphic design with the same level of expertise and experience.



Tiffany Rachel was named Best Portrait Photographer and Best Newborn Photographer of 2020 in Boca Raton and Palm Beach by, besting out hundreds of other local photographers. 



Two organizations that hold a special place in her heart is Viner Scholars, and also Americans with Disabilities Foundation. Tiffany Rachel feels most fulfilled when giving back to organizations to do so much to help others. 

Viner Scholars focuses on supporting high-performing students who struggle financially and ensures their entrance to the best college to maximize their opportunities in life. 100% of their proceeds goes directly to the students.

Americans with Disabilities Foundation is 100% free, yearly event in March where people of all abilities can come out for America’s largest day of free entertainment including free BBQ, celebrity guests, free boat rides on the intercoastal, and 100% accessibility to the ocean, which many disabled people experience for their first time!



Tiffany Rachel can be contacted at [email protected] with any questions and projects you have. Also feel free to text or call 954-300-2321 for quick responses. She looks forward to speaking with you!